10 secrets/unknown facts you don't know about Minecraft 🔥

8 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2021
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In this video I show secret thing and unknown facts of Minecraft …Quite interesting video if you like then make sure to sub and like.
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  • Iam new

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  • Steve is male and the alex is female

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  • No

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  • Yes

  • Yes

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  • Mujhe to zombie yeda lagta he

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  • What they see

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  • Make a video that mobs we can see

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  • Creeper fatc ma video

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  • Binod

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  • Binod

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  • Ender dragon is female because she give egg

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  • Lol creeper is a good mob

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  • maja nhi aya

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  • Herobrine is best

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  • Make more😍

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  • Not in nepal too I live in nepal

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  • Hi

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  • He copied this content from Technical Sagar. If you don't believe then checkout his channel.

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  • Yez

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  • Yes creeper

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  • Part 3

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  • I don't love creeper

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  • Mee also don't like creeper

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  • Creeper

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  • Female I know

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  • Gast

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  • Fun fact : Steve is male and Alex is female

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  • Kia kharaha thu pagal

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  • Female yes Skalation is a female i have full proof

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  • Video is cool than other video

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  • Skleton

  • Wither is female

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  • Is iron golem male or female??

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  • Chapati also see herobrine

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  • Bhai marako bhai

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  • Please give link of minecraft free

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  • Cow is female but he breed with another cow

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  • Golem

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  • E neder dragan

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  • All mob who can breathe male male cow can breathe

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  • Yes

  • Hai yahi kripa ki video banana hai

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  • i like creeper

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  • i dont like skeleton

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  • I want part 2 and 3 :\

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  • Creeper is the worst

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  • I love creeper

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  • his voice is like rachitroo

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  • Haan yaar hona chahiye India main

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  • Yes

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  • Interesting fact when the male villager suffers the lightning he becomes wither or we can say he becomes she. 😂 to

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  • 😂😂😂 u talking is soooo goood

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  • I am girl and I am 13 year old and I am playing Minecraft

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  • i hate creeper

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  • Herobrine and entity 303 and outher mobs is so bad

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  • Yes

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  • Is chicken male or female I know everyone say female but chicken is male because notch says that and female chicken is very rare

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  • Aj meri birthday hai

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  • I have netherite armor in survival

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  • Character

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  • Pls make viedo on hoy to download minecraft without virus in mobile

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  • Bahan

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  • Spider

  • Skly

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  • Creepy

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  • Creaper

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  • Creeper

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  • Yas

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  • Wither

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  • Creeper

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  • Please tell your texture pack

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  • 1:06 bhai wtf creeper is best cute op and op and legend mitic mob like for creeper army

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  • Mojang Removed Advantage Saw Herobrine

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  • Mojang Removed Herobrine

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  • I hate cave spider but I love creeper

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  • i want creeper facts

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  • भाई मोबाईल मे सराफी क्यू नही डाउनलोड होरी

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  • Hero bring

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  • I hate irongolems and slime

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  • me also its irritated

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  • Fida Boss male hai ya female

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