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Since bleached clothes are all the rage right now, give that trend a try! Take a plain black t-shirt, swirl it into a spiral with a fork, and secure its shape with some rubber bands. (You can also scrunch it up or fold it multiple times). Pour some bleach over it, and once the color was lifted, add acrylic paint on top to make it more colorful!
…and once you have some t-shirts in stock, you can try to set up your online shop at faceultimate.com.
Remember that you would need high-quality photos for your new online shop! Use a paper cup to make a steady phone holder. Once the photos were ready, publish them in your new shop - that’s so easy!
Try some other creative t-shirt designs - for example, geometric patterns. You’ll only need is some craft tape and acrylic paints.
You can also try the melted candle and bleach crop-top t-shirt ideas.
If some of your clothes got old, and you can’t wear them anymore, why not try to repurpose them into something useful? In the video, we show how to turn an old boring t-shirt into a grocery bag.

0:09 - Looking to start an online business? Check this out!
0:39 - Bleached t-shirt (clothing decoration idea)
1:25 - Taking professional photos
4:03 - Creative ways to decorate your t-shirts
5:32 - Amazing t-shirt bleaching hack
7:36 - Repurpose an over-sized t-shirt
7:50 - Easy style ideas
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