21 Amazing Daily Hacks for Healthy Life that Actually Work

27 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2020
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21 Amazing Indian Daily life hacks that make healthy lifestyle easy. These daily health hacks make the road to your fitness goals be it fat loss or muscle building much easier. These Indian health hacks are extremely practical and useful. 21 Amazing daily life hacks that you wish you knew before.
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00:12 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 1 - Do you add cream, curd or even corn starch to make your curries look thick and tasty? These are not heathy practices as per Ayurveda. Bute there is an easy way to make thick restaurant style curries without using any unhealthy ingredients.
00:46 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 2 - Do you have problems sleeping at night? Add this one food to your diet and say goodbye to Insomnia and related sleep issues.
01:04 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 3 - We all know how beneficial eating a small piece of jaggery post meals is. But it is hard to find a good pure quality jaggery in Indian market. Not anymore.
01:20 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 4 - Suffering from weak digestion? Here is a smart life hack.
01:50 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 5 - Not sure how much is the right quantity of food for you? Do you often end up overeating? Practice this intelligent life hack.
02:08 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 6 - We all know the numerous benefits of copper charged water. Although, here is one more daily life hack regarding copper charged water that will amaze you.
02:22 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 7 - Do you find it difficult to clean the copper utensils?
02:33 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 8 - Eating fruits and vegetables for fat loss?
02:44 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 9 - Suffering from painful periods? Practice this simple life hack.
02:55 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 10 - We all know how delicious those creamy curries taste. But if you add cream, milk or curd to make them creamy then it is adding toxins to your body. Here is one simple life to enjoy creamy, tasty and healthy curries.
03:17 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 11 - Navel displacement is a common problem faced by young and old alike. Here is a simple life hack to practice.
03:34 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 12 - Amla is hands down the best immunity booster when consumed in its raw form. Although, its hard to consume it because of being too sour.
03:56- Amazing Daily Health Hack 13 - Next time you are in the toilet, clench your teeth. Really? Yes.
04:15 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 14 - Do you suffer from over sweating or over bleeding? You should know about this life hack.
04:29 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 15 - Do you burp a lot? Or do you feel bloated often? This life hack will come handy.
04:42 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 16 - Do you suffer from skin problems? Know that it is due to impure blood within your system.
05:06 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 17 - Do you get angry, stressed out often?
05:21 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 18 - Curd is prohibited eating after sunset. But there is one life hack that will allow you to eat curd even at night.
05:42 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 19 - Know a life hack to balance your dominant dosha effectively.
06:04 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 20 - Do you find your claypots cracking too soon?
06:16 - Amazing Daily Health Hack 21 - Do you suffer from constipation?
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I wish you good health.
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