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mullu murukku recipe: hebbarskitchen.com/mullu-murukku-recipe-mullu-thenkuzhal/
aate ki chakli recipe: hebbarskitchen.com/aate-ki-chakli-recipe-wheat-chakli/
moong dal chakli recipe: hebbarskitchen.com/moong-dal-chakli-recipe-moong-murukku/
butter murukku recipe: hebbarskitchen.com/butter-murukku-butter-chakli-recipe/
rice murukku recipe: hebbarskitchen.com/rice-murukku-recipe-rice-chakli-recipe/
thenkuzhal murukku recipe: hebbarskitchen.com/thenkuzhal-murukku-recipe/

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mullu murukku recipe | mullu thenkuzhal | dal chakli | muthusaram with detailed photo and video recipe. an attractive and simple deep fried savoury snack recipe made with rice flour and urad dal flour. unlike other traditional chakli or murukku recipe, this one has more spikes and bright in colour and hence named after mullu. it is an ideal snack recipe candidate to be made and served during festival season with a choice of sweets. mullu murukku recipe | mullu thenkuzhal | dal chakli | muthusaram with step by step photo and video recipe. chakli or murukku recipes are very generic and are made typically during festival seasons. it can be made with different ingredients, in different shapes for different occasions. one such simple and attractive murukku variation is the mullu murukku from the traditional tamilnadu or tamil cuisine.
aate ki chakli recipe | wheat chakli recipe | gehu ke aate ki chakli with detailed photo and video recipe. an interesting and easy deep fried snack recipe made with wheat flour and spices. this an extension to the traditional chakli or murukku recipe which is made with rice flour and urad dal flour combination. this snack can be easily made for the popular festival like janmashtami or ganesh chaturthi, but not just limited for it. aate ki chakli recipe | wheat chakli recipe | gehu ke aate ki chakli with step by step photo and video recipe. chakli or murukku recipes have been one of the favourite festival snacks across india. traditionally it is made with rice flour and urad dal combination, but lately, there have been myriad variations to this simple recipe. one such healthy and easy variation is the aate ki chakli or wheat chakli known for its crispness and tasty.
moong dal chakli recipe | moong dal murukku | pasi paruppu murukku with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and savoury crunchy evening snack recipe made with moong dal dough. the recipe is similar to any other deep-fried chakli or murukku snack but just that it is made with split green gram flour. it can be an ideal replacement for the traditional rice or urad dal based chakli as a snack or for any festival. moong dal chakli recipe | moong dal murukku | pasi paruppu murukku with step by step photo and video recipe. chakli recipes are very common across south india and are made for various reasons. predominantly it is made for occasions like festival celebrations or for auspicious day celebrations. but eventually turns out to be an ultimate evening snack. one such simple and easy snack recipe is moong dal chakli recipe.
butter murukku recipe | butter chakli recipe | benne chakli recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically, a deep fried snack recipe prepared especially during festival like diwali, ganesh chaturthi and krishna janmashtami. butter murukku recipe | butter chakli recipe | benne chakli recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. murukku is crunchy and savoury indian snack prepared especially during festival seasons. the main ingredient for murukku is rice flour which is typically combined with besan or urad dal flour. however, to make it more soft and tasty, butter is added while mixing and hence the name butter murukku is derived.
rice murukku recipe | rice chakli | rice flour murukku | rice flour chakli with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular and a traditional south indian deep fried snack recipe made with rice flour. it is generally prepared during the festival seasons like diwali and ganesh chaturthi or for the feast for celebrations and occasions. but it can also be served as a tea time snack for any given day.
thenkuzhal murukku recipe | thenkuzhal recipe | how to make thenkuzhal murukku with a detailed photo and video recipe. a popular and easy south indian savoury snack made with urad dal and rice flour. it is a must snack recipe made during the diwali or deepavali festival season, especially in tamil culture. the recipe is very similar to the traditional murukku or chakli without any spikes in it.

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