अँधेरे की SPEED क्या होती है? What is the Speed of Darkness and Other Top Science Questions

24 ਫ਼ਰਵਰੀ 2021
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Hello friends, have you ever imagined the speed of darkness? And does air has it's own shadow?? And can using excessive cell phone actually cause brain tumor?? Is it true, if yes, then what is the science behind it? Why does coke spurt out after shaking the bottle? Well, stay tuned to know more such interesting scientific facts!!
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  • Can you believe in ghost

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  • Condition of TIR is that light should travel from a denser to rarer medium.. 🙄....,... But u hv mentioned from rarer to denser ..... How is it possible? 😅....plzzz Have a look into this fact and make correction in ur video ....

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  • As air is totally transparent it will allow light to pass through it

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  • But how can we keep a block of air

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  • Bhai kitine bhe koshes kar par speed of darkness = speed of light

  • Light off krne se jo light h wo kaha gayeb ho jata h?

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  • Velocity of light=c velocity of darkness would be =-c

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  • Speed of darkness and darr both are amazing

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  • Kya hum atom ke Pattern change ker ke kisi object ko or kisi object me badal skte h kya

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  • I can give a simple example of last explaination when you can see that why our sky is blue because of air,molecules in the air reflects like oxygen ,hidrogen etc. air reflects too and that is why space looks black because there is no air nothing, it only reflects when it touches a solid,liquid or gasious substance

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  • Speed of dark = speed of light

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  • I was thinking the same cause as we switch off the light suddenly or proportionally the darkness covers the whole area. Gaurav thanx so much I'm a commerce student but still bro science is in the vein.😇♥️

  • Single molecule of water is not wet but when more molecules are combined it gets wet

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  • Sir I didnt got one thing ..... If light were to pass through denser air it will refract , bend inwards. Lighg wont get reflected so how can we caste a shadow?

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  • In reality time doesn't exist It's virad I know

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  • In this vedio it is explained that how shadow forms but why there is no explanation of dark matter because it have a main role to create a shadow ☠️.

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