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Hello Friends,
Aaj banate hai Chulhe par Bajre ki Roti and Kadhi...Must watch till End :)
Welcome to our channel "The Sangwan Family" and here you will find the daily life Vlogs in relation to our family. Today’s video is all about our cooking Kadhi on desi chulha…I hope you will like this video.
In this channel we cover various things like Evening Routine of my family, evening routine of myself and various daily routine type videos. Also, we always try to share various family activities with you guys and I hope you guys like these videos.
We are a PAworldr Vlogger or you can call us Indian PAworldr in England or Indian Vlogger in England and we try to show you various things about our house and England in our Videos. If you like our videos then please do subscribe our Channel.
Thanks to all of you for Your Love and Support.
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The main things covered in this channel are:
1) Our Kitchen Garden Tour
2) July Garden Tour Video
3) Aug Garden Tour Video
4) Fruits Garden Tour Video
5) Vegetable Garden Tour Video
6) Indian Family Vlogs
7) Indians living in England and Indians living in London
8) House Tour Video-But this time we have covered only Garden Tour and next time we will try to give full House Tour Video
9) Easy to Grow Vegetables
10) Gardening Tips and Tricks
11) Easy to grow Vegetables
12) How to Grow Vegetables easily in the Garden
13 ) Harvest time in our Kitchen Garden
14 ) Harvesting time in our Vegetable garden and to show you around different vegetables in our garden
15) Different types of Vegetables in our Garden
16) Massive Cucumbers and Courgette in our Garden
17) Let's do Vegetable Harvest with the Sangwan family and spread the happiness
18) Potato Harvesting day
19) Harvest day today for potato
20) How to grow Mint, How to grow Potato,How to make good kitchen garden ,How to grow vegetables in your garden
21. Vegetable Garden by Indians in England
22. How we grow vegetables in our little Kitchen Garden or Vegetable Kitchen Garden
Cooking food on Chulha
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