Emirates Flight Food is CLASSY - THE BEST AIRLINE - Trip to Dubai!!! | Irfan's View

19 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2021
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Finally the day has come where I can fulfill my wish. Going to Dubai is my long time wish and I am happy that I am blessed to visit this place. I went through Emirates Flight. Due to Covid situation they have introduced few rules in the Airport. But the check-in was easy for us. Telling about the Emirates flight it was beyond the world, seriously!! I didn't expect this much comfort in a flight, that too in economy class. They offered a very good break fast and it was tasty too. A very big thumbs to the whole team of Emirates as I loved flying.
0:39- Little talk in Waiting hall
4:52- Entering Flight
7:42- Break Fast
16:34- Dubai Airport
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