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Hiiii all ❤ FINALLY WE BOUGHT OUR NEW CAR WITH SUNROOF. Febbie spa time. You guys must have known by now that we don't have our Old honda city car now and we have been using Ram's dad's car.. There has been alot of issues with our old car and we have been planning to buy a new car for a very long time and we postponed it due to Financial issuee!! And finally we gave our old car and bought a new car with Sunroof which is a dream for us.. Hope you guys love the video.. Make sure you subscribe to us and share our videos with your friends so that they can enjoy ❤😍

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  • Which model guys?

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  • Bro car finance ah illa na ready cash ah

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  • Heyyyy deyssss, Seriously iam soo happy for you both! 😍😍❤❤It feels like seeing my own sister nd macha 😂❤ Neega patta struggles pota hardwork ellame epo ungala successfulla aakudu 😍 Soon 1M fam 😍(This is not a easy thing) and both r the prefect couple 😍Neega epome Edey Mari sandhosamaaa irukamummm mela mela heights nd dreams achieve panuviga ❤

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  • @0:19 who all noticed that poster in car 🚗 window

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  • Happy for both of you....may god bless you with all his might to take you both timore heights ♥️ idk why...this video brought in tears in my eyes....I could feel the pain in your speech while Ram Anna said about his feeling while driving his own car ♥️ my best wishes for both of you....loads & loads of love & support ♥️

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  • So happy for both of your! Such a achievement. I live in Australia and you can't just stand like this and go, we have to wear seat belt... Haha

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  • The punto is your dad car

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  • Your hard work never fails so be happy

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