First Vlog of 2021: catching up + what i do to motivate myself | Aashna Hegde

11 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2021
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hey guys, here's my first vlog for this year! Hope you enjoy, love you all ❤️
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  • Hi aashan di I love your videos I am Mahiya Fatima from lucknow and my sister want a heart from you see you soon aashan di

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  • For sure the best closet😁😁

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  • It looks amazing

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  • aashna I had tried that rainbow trick and my closet was looking amazing thank you aashna😘😘

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  • Just love you Aashna Di 😀❤️

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  • 08:00 same pinch!!!!!!!!

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  • DONE, YES I HAVE SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR CHANNEL. PLEASE TAKE MY NAME IN YOUR NEXT VIDEO, PLS... 🙏❤❤Also what an amazing colour coordination you have done in your closet, IT'S JUST SOO AMAZING. Well done aashna di😍😍🤩💚💚💚

  • Happy lohri and Happy Makar sankranti didi

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  • Aasssshnaaaa the closet omggg it looks fab ❤️

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  • Who wants aashna to make a home tour video? Hit like if you want!!

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  • Yr I am also same I had my closet is very very mess right now from 1 week now watching you I will organise bcoz my baby had done also love you adore you hugss kiss

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  • Di....can u plzz make a video of "home tour" plzz

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  • I screamed when she said one direction. I'm a directioner and she likes 1d too maybe

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  • any physiotherapy student here or any one interested in physiotherapy?????

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  • Hiii ma'am May i kw how to buy morphe × James charles pallette ? Im from Goa-India ...and need help to know how to buy original Pallette..i want to the entire process including the site where i can buy it 🥺 plz response ,,,i hv also messaged you on Insta hope ..much love from Goa❤️

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