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3 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2020
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Course Menu:
Day 1
1) Peri Peri Paneer Pizza Square
2 ) Open Cheese Potato Bake Kulcha
3 ) Healthy Swad Special Hot Dog
4) Kaju Strawberry Royal Sweet Diwali Special
1) Choco Gulab Jamun Shot Glass Dessert
2) Motichur Sunflower Tarts
3) Smoky Hammer Cheesecake
4) Hazelnut Truffle Bonbon Chocolate
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  • Mam I'm getting a light shade color on my chocolates ,it is visible after demoulding from mounds. May I know the reason

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  • Last time I melt white chocklate on micro then I add cream again micro keep mixing. Oil was coming out. I threw that Again I made white choc melt on gas on steamer. Again I add cream mix again oil come out Ahy it happen Finally I remove the oil spread on box for chocolate. Finally on Cake. I took nutella add little cream micro then apply on cake. White chockate grate decorate on top

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