Hotteok filled with vegetables & noodles (Yachae hotteok: 야채호떡)

25 ਅਗਸਤ 2016
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Full recipe:
Today I’m going to show you how to make a Korean street snack called yachae-hotteok. Yachae means “vegetables” in Korean, and hotteok are pancakes usually stuffed with sweet stuff and nuts. But in this case they’re filled with savory noodles and chopped vegetables.

  • Please mention noodles name please

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    • The noodles are called dangmyeon. Check out the recipe on my website, please. It has all the information you need. I always put the link to recipe in the description box of my videos. Good luck with your Korean cooking!

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  • Mouthwatering😋😋 This recipe is yummyyy. In Pakistan this type of recipe is called 'Kachori' and it's so yum yum too😋

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  • Greetings form Ireland! Loving your receipes! Would it OK to make the dough the day before I fry?x

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  • In India we make some what similar dish called kabab samosa.. filled with mutton

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  • 망치님 ,기름없는 버전으루 구워 봤어요 반죽을 50g 하니 밥숟가락 한개반 넣는거두 어렵긴 했지만 좀터져도 심하게 삐저나오지는 않아서 노릇하니 예쁘게 구워졌네요 .야채호떡은 기름이좀 들어가는게 더 어울릴것 같은느낌.

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