How to make Pita Bread at home like a PRO (without oven)

25 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2019
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In this video let us learn How to make Pita Bread at home like a PRO in a simple Simple and Easy video tutorial format.
The only 6 simple steps you need to know to make Pita Bread recipes like a PRO!! This easy homemade pita bread recipe made on the stove top with soft and chewy texture puffed like a balloon creating a pocket that is great for fillings when stuffed with veggies and hummus makes a perfect healthy dinner.
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This is a pita bread recipe without oven, that is we are making the pita bread on the stove I mean pita bread on the stovetop.
Find all the details on making homemade pita bread recipe in the oven by clicking on this link:
These pita pocket bread are a staple food of Arabs, part of Mediterranean Cuisine makes a perfect medium for fillings, pita sandwiches, pita crisps.
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    • Assalamoalaikum wa rahmatullah. I like pita bread very much. Can you please tell me how it is made in Morocco? Thanks

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    • @Khaled Tiger. ...... ....

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  • i tried to bake it on the skilled (coated9 and one side came always to burn quickly

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  • Wow, thank you for taking the time to create such a detailed video, with clear explanations on how to troubleshoot various issues that may arise. My husband and I stumbled upon the video when we were searching why pitas balloon up, but now we really want to try your recipe! Thank you!

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  • Been trying to get pitas that rise. Been through five or six recipies, stovetop, oven, back again. These did what they are supposed to. I got 6 out of 10 to rise, but I know what I was doing wrong on the first few. I tried extremely hot and they turned black. On American stovetops 5 worked best for me on a cast iron skillet.

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  • Either way, in my case: way too much water or few flour than really needed. Ended adding aproximately one cup more of flour, and finally the dough reached its proper consistency. But, as I said, either I didn't measure the ingredients right or this recipe is off.

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  • So, very good job. You may have helped me. I've been making delicious pita for many years, but many do not puff. Not a big problem. We willingly eat them all. Your advice of keeping the dough moist may be my problem. I'll let you know. Thanks

    Alex HendersonAlex Henderson7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • That is awesome Alex.. I am glad that you figured out some information from this video. do try and let us know how your pitas turned out.. thank you

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  • Lovely recipes thank you. However any cooking that requires the use of hands should be without any jewellery- I.e. rings and bracelets. This is because jewellery like rings harbour deadly germs!

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    • Hi Mina.. thank you.. I realised that and if you see the later portion of the video I have removed it :)

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    • You can refer the blog post and also read the comments in there to understand better. There are multiple places where you could have gone wrong. I cannot pin point without knowing the details. Here is the link to understand in detail:

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