I Spent 50 Hours Locked In An Art Store

21 ਅਪਰੈਲ 2021
6 057 408 ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼

I can't believe we locked ourselves in an art store for 50 hours straight
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    • Nice vid

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    • @zhc 😁hope fully you chooses me so I can have good recording products for the James Stroud Classical guitar competition for next year. If not can I have a customized painted classical guitar. ? 🤣🤣hope fully it isn't a long shot

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    • ZHC really be flexing in his videos nowaday while I cry in broke

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  • Can I have 1 btw love from india

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  • Can you please do a Gourock

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  • yes

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  • I would love you to give me a chance to buy a bunch of marker and color pencils 🥲

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  • Omg u guys r crazy......Really loved watching ur videos...

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  • ZHC in 10 years: I spent 150 hours customising a school

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  • And if you want to give me a ps5 .I live in pakistan swat

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  • Wow this is so cool I wanna live there 😮

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  • imagine zhc giving me 10000 dollars lol!

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  • mr beast 2.0?

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  • Im left handed but i like it that im left handed

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  • I m from india I want 1 laptop for study will u give me plz

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  • Hey zek neparish I don't have a lot of pencils with gouache and I'm out of it

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  • I have subscribe you from 1 week ago

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  • 2069: customizing the solar system in 1 week or less

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  • ZHC The Best Artist I Had Ever Seen I Wish You All The Best 🔥🔥🔥

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  • If I was locked in an art store for 50 hours I would’ve been out on the first hour like did y’all even have food

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  • Blue panda 🐼 has 3 million subscribers

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