Japanese Souffle Cheesecake [Super Fluffy & Jiggly]

27 ਜੂਨ 2020
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How To Make Japanese Souffle Cheesecake [ASMR]
焼き立て濃厚スフレチーズケーキ の作り方 [Eating sound]
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
- 160g Creamcheese
- 20g Unsalted butter
- Hot water
- 50ml Milk
- 40g Cake flour
- 4 Egg yolks
- 4 Egg whites
- 1/4Tsp Lemon juice
- 80g Sugar
- Hot water
- Bake at 160℃ for 20 minutes
(160℃ - 20分焼く)
- Wait for 5 seconds
- Bake at 110℃ for 60 minutes
(110℃ - 60分焼く)
- Honey
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3. Resep Japanese Cheesecake
4. ชีสเค้กญี่ปุ่นเด้งดึ๋ง
5. 日式轻乳酪蛋糕
6. كيكة الجبنة على الطريقة اليابانية
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  • I just made it and followed his exact recipe. But my pan is the one where you can take off the bottom part. So the water came into my cake lol the cake was so short. The top part did not bloat up too. The cake tastes more like egg instead of cheese. And i think it's better to put 180°C instead of 160°C

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  • So I tried this recipe, even bought a kitchen weighing scale because ingredients are by weight. In the recipe, it says 160 degrees celsius but on the video, the oven was set at 180 deg. Celsius. If you do 160, you will not get that burnt top part, part of the inside will need more cooking time. Next time, I will do it 180 deg for 20 minutes, not again at 160

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