Milk Cake Recipe in Tamil | Eggless Sponge Cake Recipe in Tamil

15 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2020
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In this video we will see how to make eggless sponge cake recipe in tamil. In this recipe we are going to make condensed milk and then use it in the recipe, you can use store bought condensed milk as well. This cake is absolutely tasty and it is rice but a soft fluffy feel to it.
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Friends, please do try this sponge cake recipe at home and share it with your friends and family. Homemade cakes are super fresh and tasty and when these cakes are out of the oven the smell is so good. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking!

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  • yummy recipe thank you for sharing this recipe keep rocking on

  • Tea Cake Recipe | Simple and easy Sponge cake Recipe in Paniyarakal

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  • Hi today my daughter did this and it's comes out very well.

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  • Salted butter use panna koodatha?

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  • Super pa

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  • Butter ku bathil egg kooda sethukalama

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  • Khee use panalama buttuer pathila

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  • Butter ellana sis

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  • Can we use milk maid

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    • Yes

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  • Can we put salted butter

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  • Super recipe akka it came perfectly

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  • Mam can we use 50 gram of butter &50 gram of ghee pls reply mee 😢

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  • Village stylela recipies podunga Steffi

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  • So happy to share that I tried this recipe today and it was awesome...super fluffy and family liked it alot😍

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  • So happy to share that I tried this recipe today and it was awesome...super fluffy and family liked it alot😍

    Ivan George 1256Ivan George 125624 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Can we use this cake as a base for birthday cakes...

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    • Yes

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  • Neenga bigboss ku ponga steffi 🥰

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  • We use beat in mixer jar

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  • Hi sis, I have made chicken biryani and mutton biryani watching your videos, they came out brilliant. I best I would say (and i cook really less). Thanks and keep up the good work !

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  • Akka neenga kaatum pothe eachchi ooruthu akka🤤

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  • Without butter and egg 🥚do the milk cake

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  • Mam I don't understand your language but still I love all your recipes mam love you

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  • I don't have oven

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    • Use cooker she already instructed please see full video

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  • Akka I like this recipe I will try it thank you so much Akka

  • Can we use egg

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    • See another sponge cake video

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  • Hi akka how r you

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  • Hi akka how r you

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  • Cake ❤ and

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  • Tryed it turned out well . Thanks

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  • Cake came out well but that condensed milk is not results as yours whether u add anything else which not shown in video? I thought how could milk and sugar alone gets that much thicker 🤔🤔

  • I tried this , and was amazed can get this texture in eggless sponge cakeTq

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  • Instead of maida can we use wheat ?

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  • Akka please... backing time gass oven no soluga...

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  • Can you pl tell us what is the brand of kadai that you use?

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  • Great.. ⚡👍✨

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  • Instead of fresh milk can we use powdered milk with water?

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  • Tried this recipe .. came out so Hmmm.. .. so nice n airy.. added some tutti fruity n raisins... Thank u n keep posting such wonderful cakes ....

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  • Akka American dish la senchi potunga akka

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  • Nanum unka channel parthu samachi than IPO nane channel create panirukan...thank you mam... always your support for me

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  • Sister plz put u r home tour

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  • That condensed milk doesn't seem to be smooth at all!!

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  • Did you wrote any cooking books mam ?

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  • Stister ovean or cukker illama appady savathu can you post the vidio

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  • Sister can u show us a recipe of a very very homely cake.

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  • Cooking queen Steffi akka 🤩❤

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  • Hi , what to do when the cake is not moist and cooked in the centre ?

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  • I made this and it came out really well! Thank you In this If I have to add cocoa powder n make it into a chocolate cake, how much should I add? N anything else to do?

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    • @Elantamil Elakkiya thanks ma

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    • @Saranya Shankar 1/3 cup add pannunga sister😊

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    • @Elantamil Elakkiya thank you so much 🙏.evalo add pannanum sis?

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    • Sister maida add panna udane cocoa powder add pannittu milk konjam extra add pannikkonga😊

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  • tried this without vanilla (I dont want to try same all times with vanilla) ,,, i m getting different milk palkova flavour ..thanks

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  • I made this it was too good soft and delicious 😍😍😍

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  • Tried this recipe today and came out so well. Thank u so much Steffi @Madras Samayal

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  • Achoooo mouth watering

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  • It took long time for condensed milk

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  • Hi akka..microwave oven la convection la vaikanu ma ela microwave la vaikanuma..ena timing la vaikanum cake a..

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  • Akka please apload samba godhumai chapati receipe

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  • Sister உங்கள் சமையல் அனைத்தும் .உண்மையிலேயே நாவின் சுவை அரும்புகள் மலருது. Super Sister👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Super milk cake

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  • "poondu milagu sadam" Please try panu ga Akka.

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  • Best OTG and microwave solunga

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  • nice video

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  • I tried it in the oven! Came out tasty and soft! Delicious 😋 Thanks Steffi 😊

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  • bamboo biryani try pannunga Anni video podunga pls

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  • 👌 madam. ஒரு முறை எங்க சேனல் பாருங்க அப்புறம் மிஸ் பண்ணவே மாட்டீங்க 😜😇👍👍 இது கொஞ்சம் Different 👍

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  • I tried it....semma soft and tasty sister... everyone in my home loved it. Neenga semmaya explain panrenga.... Your voice and video quality also looks really wonderful.... Thanks for your recipe...👍👍👍

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