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8 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2021
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My Night Time Routine for a deep and fast sleep. How to prepare your body for a deep and sound sleep. Before bed routine for fast sleep.
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n this video, I wish to share with you my personal night time routine which I have inculcated over a period of time focussing on quick, deep and pleasant sleep. I firmly believe that the way we prepare for sleep decides the quality of our sleep and consequently how energetic we wake up the next day.
00:24 - Routine starts from here (after I finish my work for the day.)
Cast Iron Kadhai -
Cardamom -
Cinnamon Sticks -
Aroma Oil Burner -
Aroma Oil Burner (option 2) -
Aroma Oil Burner (option 3) -
Essential oils (Set 1) -
Essential oils (Set 2) -
Essential oils (Set 3) -
Diary (option 1) -
Diary (option 2) -
Diary (option 3) -
Book (If Truth be Told by Om Swami) -
Tooth Powder -
Sesame oil -
Copper tongue cleaner -
Copper tongue cleaner 2 -
Desi cow ghee -
Meditation mat (option 1) -
Meditation mat (option 2) -
Triphala Ghrit for Eyes -
Triphala Ghrit for Eyes (option 2) -
Anu Tailam for Nose/Brain (Just one drop in each nostril) -
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The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle -
Apprenticed to Himalayan Master by Sri M -
Freedom from the Known by J Krishnamurti-
Autobiography of a Yogi -
Swami Vivekananda's Biography -
Apprenticed to Himalayan Master -
10 Min Guided Meditation Session for Beginners (Follow Along)
10 Sleeping Habits Ranked from Worst to Best
Shampoo (option 1) -
Shampoo (option 2)-
Shampoo (option 3) -
Bathing Soap (option 1) -
Bathing Soap (option 2) -
Bathing Soap (option 3) -
Toothpaste (option 1) -
Toothpaste (option 2) -
Face wash (option 1) -
Face wash (option 2) -
Face wash (option 3) -
Hair oil (option 1) -
Hair oil (option 2) -
Hair oil (option 3) -
Moisturiser (option 1) -
Moisturiser (option 2) -
Moisturiser (option 3) -
Cooking oil (option 1) -
Cooking oil (option 2) -
Cooking oil (option 3) -
Ghee (option 1) -
Ghee (option 2) -
Ghee (option 3) -
Biscuits (option 1) -
Biscuits (option 2) -
Biscuits (option 3) -
Namkeen (option 1) -
Namkeen (option 2) -
Namkeen (option 3) -
Deodorant (option 1) -
Deodorant (option 2)-
Deodorant (option 3)-
Hair Conditioner (option 1) -
Hair Conditioner (option 2) -
Hair colour (option 1) -
Hair colour (option 2) -
Hair colour (option 3) -
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I wish you good health.
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