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Incredible secrets revealed in this 5-Minute Crafts video
Hey, beauties. Today we’re going to take a deep dive into the fantastic world of beauty and makeup. We’ll show you some beauty secrets that work wonders and other amazing hacks you can try in your beauty routine.
- Do you want natural-looking freckles that make you look young and refreshing. Apply some brown, liquid eyeliner to your finger and then tap it on your skin (cheeks and nose), then apply powder on top to set it, and voila.
- You don’t need expensive eyeshadow brushes to give yourself a great eye look. We show you how to get a fiery look using your fingers.
- Do you want to get a temporary tattoo this summer? Print your favorite design on a piece of paper and then apply the printed drawing on your hand, then spray perfume on your hand, and voila.
- If your makeup pallets are too dirty, we show you a very simple way to clean them. Watch the video to find out.
1:33 - Cute DIY fake braces
2:35 - Beautiful lipstick ideas
3:58 - DIY fake nails
4:39 - Hairstyles for long curly hair
7:30 - How to clean a dirty makeup palette
10:29 - A great mascara hack
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