These 8 iconic dresses made history! From Chanel to Lady Gaga ǀ Justine Leconte

18 ਅਗਸਤ 2019
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Which kind of fashion goes down in history? In this video I share my top 8 dresses that made history & I would love to know what, in your closet, is the most memorable dress or outfit you ever wore: looking forward to your comments :-)
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William Travilla
Givenchy and Edith Head
Jean Louis
Yves Saint Laurent
Diane von Furstenberg
Christina Stambolian
Lady Gaga

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  • What about Bjork and her swan dress. Unforgettable, for me anyway. Or SJP and the naked stress on SATC.

    Elle BeeElle Bee13 ਮਿੰਟ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • jlos green versace dress ?

    Sergio ArandaSergio Aranda8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My most iconic dress was actually when I was pretty young (17). I went to prom in a matte black, floor length dress with a silk shawl. This was the mid 2010's so everyone was wearing short, colorful dresses which all looked very similar. I took a lot of pride in my dress being the most "boring" but simultaneously being the most unique dress in the room

    Sara HSara H19 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Marilyn is pear shape.

    JMBJMB21 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • JLo’s Versace dress!!

    Cara J FitzwaterCara J Fitzwater23 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • There's nothing after 2010 because that was the limit after the meat dress, anything "iconic" becomes a fad.

    J BJ B26 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Pourquoi n avoir pas mentionné la robe dos nu de Mireille d'arc ..pas assez international?

    monique bouquetmonique bouquet26 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I was hoping that Jacqueline Kennedy's pink Chanel suit will be included on this list

    Tal BalagaTal Balaga29 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Owh, i like simple white shirt, orange sweater and brown skirt from movie a lot like love. Thats really my style before I wear hijab. I also like korean actress style Gong Hyo Jin, inspire me a lot. If you guys know any model that wears hijab and kind of have simple but chich style, please reply my comment. I would like to know :)

    Greaty FitraharaniGreaty Fitraharaniਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • You talk a lot about the dresses but we don’t see much of them in this Video.

    Christine GrahamChristine Grahamਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I can't see Lady Gaga just wearing a dress of pure black like Diana. Way to "normal".

    Indi HeatonIndi Heatonਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I am quite a big person so could never fit in these lovely dresses but I still love to look at fashion and designers as time has gone on. What is really upsetting is the way when the designer dies how the label sells out. For example Chanel beautiful, Karl Lagerfeld took over still lovely, he dies and now it feels like the next step for Chanel is high street. Feels so cheapened. Guess that is capitalism but still ruins the brand. Take Estee Lauder, as a beauty brand loved them, now since the Kendall models for them hell no. Really cheap.

    Chanel FitzgeraldChanel Fitzgeraldਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I have two dresses from junior high and high school that I absolutely adore. One is an elegant, ice blue gown with a sheer shimmery overlay, low back, and high neckline with spaghetti straps (nicknamed my Cinderella dress), and the other is a clingy black chiffon sheath with a high neckline, cowl back, and burgundy velvet rose appliques with pearl and glass beading accenting the flowers. Both were under $100 in 1997 and 2002 respectively, and have never fallen out of style. I love both of those dresses so much, and hope I can fit back into them soon.

    BiologicalClockBiologicalClockਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I never had feelings either way about punk, except I thought it would be fairly roughly designed and finished. That was until a couple of years ago when I found, in a thrift shop, a Vivienne Westwood wrap dress. It fitted like a dream, and combined effortless comfort with beautiful tailoring. It was a neutral (bone-) cotton-mix, tight to the waist, full and heavy in the skirt (think 'Buffalo girls') and though the skirt moved beautifully as you walked, it was the only wrap-dress I've *ever* had that could be trusted on a windy day. It was a dress you could just throw into the wash after a muddy country walk, or add a touch of jewellery around the neck, change rain- boots for high heels and have lunch in a good restaurant without breaking stride. Or, if you felt like dancing all night - no problem. Just change your shoes, comb your hair, add a 'bling' scarf-wrap, and there you were. Perfect traveller's dress which created a scent of the 1950s. I've never seen another one but I'm guessing it probably dates to the late 1970s or early 1980s.

    Diane O'DonovanDiane O'Donovanਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The trapeze dress in the 60s

    kalo924kalo924ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • M

    B GarrisonB Garrisonਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I think JLo green Versace dress was iconic too.

    Franz BiFranz Biਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I feel that elizabeth hurley in the versace safety pin dress was pretty iconic

    Diane CampbellDiane Campbell2 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Ann Simongton did the meat dress first.

    Aerin GossettAerin Gossett2 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Also: Black eyelet sundress, two strap chemise dress, constructed with two seams from a 48” w cotton bolt with intricate, 10 inch eyelet border. Used eyelet border as the hem line, then attached another 10-inch piece of eyelet border to top of the dress covering the bust line, giving it a very slight flounce over the upper dress, fell almost to waist. Tied at waist with hot pink 2.5 inch satin ribbon. Terrific for hot nights with a little tan. Fell just below the knee with side slits. Divine.,

    Carol PattersonCarol Patterson2 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My iconic dress: 1966, pale, filmy, delicate ashes-of-roses pink print (barely there) on ivory silk, shirt dress, three quarter sleeve, dropped just below the knee, drape followed the body, tied with cord of same pint at the waist, split neckline, open collar, laid flat blending into dress fabric, not as obtrusive or distracting as DVF wrap collar or plunging neckline. One 24 inch strand 8 mm pearls. Simpler, sexier. Low luster halo in some lighting. . Pale ivory poi de soi pump, stacked heel. Lined. Gorgeous. 5’7”, 110 lbs.

    Carol PattersonCarol Patterson2 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • you forgot Madam X dress painting

    readszreadsz2 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I love the dresses in downtown abby, especially the ones created for lady Mary. I love the style of Chanel and Karl Lagergeld.

    Silke's Weightloss JourneySilke's Weightloss Journey3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • Downton Abbey is one of my favorite series for costumes 😍

      Justine Leconte officielJustine Leconte officiel3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My most iconic dress was my black satin wedding dress! It was modeled after a Ginger Rogers gown!

    Alison WozmakAlison Wozmak3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Justine what do you think of the strawberry pink dress made by Lirika Matoshi?

    meimei3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I dont remember the exact dress, but the first time I wore a dress in public after my studies and the men I passed looked at me like a woman and not just a little girl. That was the most powerful outfit I remember wearing. It was liberating. PS it wasn't sexual. I think it was a mature sundress. Thanks for the great videos!

    Chantelle SChantelle S3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My "iconic" dress came from, I'm sad to say, H&M.This was before I knew about the evil that is fast fashion, I had just started working, and my shidt started at 2pm, so I was traveling to work on the greatest heat of the day. I found a model of dress in H&M that was comfy and relaxed enough to fit my style and be worn with converse, stylish enough to be worn to work (but I do work in IT so we have veeeeeery casual dress code), and shaped and cut so that I feel it works well with my figure, with trapezoid top, shoulders mostly covered but not t-shirt shaped, marked in but stretchy waist, POCKETS!!!, and made of mostly cotton! I bought 5 that summer five yrs ago and I still have them, and wear them regularly. And I noticed that I feel amazing every time I wear that kind of top so I brought the pattern to a seamstress/tailor/how do you call it? and next time I need a dress she is making it for me in a material of my choosing!

    Martha StokeworthMartha Stokeworth3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Actually, I have two iconic black dresses that were like milestones for me. I wore the first one to a friend´s fifteen birthday party (I was nine days shy of my fifteen birthday myself). It was short, with long sleeves, shoulders pads, round reck, figure-hugging but not tight. I accessorized it with a really wide red and black suede belt and matching ballerina flats. It was the first time I looked at my self in the mirror and thought: I look so grown up! I remember my parents picking me up after the party and my father complaining to my mather in jest (or not?) that his peaceful days were over and that from that day onwards, he would have to fend off the boys with a stick. I thought it was hilarious! Fast forward four years, I was nineteen and I attended a wedding with this very long, mermaid cut dress that required I wore a 9 cm high heeled golden sandals less it touch the floor; it was very form-fitting, made out of a hefty acetate fabric, with a long cut on the left leg, a seethrough black lace torso and a deep v neckline; the top was very similar to the Marylin Monroe´s white dress (tied up behind my neck, sort of like a bikini top) so the back was completely bare down to the waist. Extremely daring! The look was completed with a golden clutch and a black shawl (that made it church safe) that I never saw again after that night. Not gonna lie, I felt like a goddess in that dress, and I´ve never felt that way again in anything I've worn since, not even close. What a night!

    elebecepeelebecepe3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Four years later, I attended a wedding with this very long, mermaid cut dress that required I wore a 9 cm high heeled golden sandals less it touch the floor; it was very form-fitting, made out of a hefty acetate fabric, with a long cut on the left leg, a seethrough black lace torso and a deep v neckline; the top was very similar to the Marylin Monroe´s white dress (tied up behind my neck, sort of like a bikini top) so the back was completely bare down to the waist. Extremely daring! The look was completed with a golden clutch and a black shawl (that made it church safe) that I never saw again after that night. Not gonna lie, I felt like a goddess in that dress, and I´ve never felt that way again in anything I've worn since, not even close. What a night!

    elebecepeelebecepe3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Hi, Justine! I love all your videos! You are very nice, very elegant and give such great tips. Please forgive me if I was wrong, I was born at start of 70's and my grandparents are japanese. The wrap dress got impressions of kimono, japanese kimonos reference... as the high hair stylings, inspired by traditional japanese women hair... Am I wrong?

    Lê SathieLê Sathie3 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My iconic dress (which is a size 8, so now too small) is a Vivienne Westwood dress, bought at a private sale where she was selling off samples. It is figure-hugging, half black half electric blue, and totally asymetrical. I always felt like a million dollars in it.

    Angela HurworthAngela Hurworth4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Informative, interesting and inspiring!!!

    Yin LiYin Li4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • 💖💖💖👍

    Alpha FéAlpha Fé4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The outfit that stands out in my mind is what I wore when I met my father. It was not a dress but edgy.

    queenSummerKeliqueenSummerKeli4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Do you have a video for timeless jewelry designs? Thx

    sue shojaeisue shojaei4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Great list, I maybe would’ve included Dior’s new look. Maybe.

    Franny FisherFranny Fisher4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My most iconic was (still is:) my wedding dress, of course. Planning the look and silhouette for years, it was finally designed, custom made, ideal down to every detail - my perfect navy ball wedding dress lace and crystals, yet simple and elegant.

    Alexandra Noel HowlettAlexandra Noel Howlett4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My wedding dress.

    Ágnes Veronika PappÁgnes Veronika Papp4 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • What about Rhianna's 2015 Grammy's Pink Dress? That was hated by some. I adore it.!!!

    Gillian HutshingGillian Hutshing5 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I think at Elisabeth Hurley in her Versace "safety-pin" dress! Georgina Grenville with her Gucci white dress (beautiful and sexy without being vulgar). Then i think at Grace Kelly in her wedding dress. Beautiful unrepeatable. Then I'd go for the American Gigolo Armani's iconic movie wardrobe of both protagonists. Then I'm thinking at YSL Opium dress, great iconic dress indeed. Then the wonderful Valentino Garavani's "red dresses" iconic dresses, in this unique red called Valentino's red. There's a beautiful NY Times picture taken in Rome with all the best of them. Of course it comes to mind Thierry Mugler and Jerry Hall duo! Fabulous futuristic crazy creative unique dresses! With Angel perfume image at the top of them! I want to mention the little known by the great public, but considered unique in his genre (absolutely unique) Roberto Capucci. His dresses were masterpieces. Very very expensive. Once i saw a wedding where guests were asked to wear Capucci! Spectacular. Fun and beauty. Unrepeatable Roberto. A real artist. A sculpture. Nowadays his dresses can be found in museums only.

    Palm TreePalm Tree5 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I was lucky enough to interview Diane Von Furstenberg for a southern California community college newspaper about ten years ago along with my classmate. What an honour. She was stunning. Such a random treasured opportunity for me. Love your videos. Thank you ❤️

    knock knock Landsharkknock knock Landshark5 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • J’adoreeee your fashion history videos

    Ella FranklinElla Franklin5 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Revenge dress because it was very strategic to use fashion against everything. The power of fashion

    Pınar CengizPınar Cengiz5 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Hi Justine.. love your channel. Btw you should have added the jungle print Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez, which inspired -Google Image Search.

    Gemilie AbenojarGemilie Abenojar5 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The hat Audrey Hepburn wore on her prison visit in Breakfast at Tiffanys❤️ Grace Kelly in her Wedding gown, and everything she wore on screen, especially the fabulous Gold outfit at the fancy dress ball in To Catch a Thief. A real eye turner.... I've done my wedding dress story, Now :- My personal 2nd special dress. My sister wanted to locate a bridesmaid dress for me in Cerise, (she'd always wanted this Colour all her life, when dreaming of marriage, and white for small bridesmaids) . She was 37 when she married,and I hate being noticed, I have a huge lack of confidence. I wanted to be understated and elegant, being her triplet, also 37!!!. (the 3rd refused to be part of the bridal party, wise of her with all the fuss from bride and my mum) She wore this huge, glittery meringue with diamontes and pearls.all, (and I mean all,) over it, and a huge tiara, and a truly massive, circular glittery train. Pearl earrings, and pearl necklace. My jaw hit the floor when I saw her, but she loved it, so who am I to judge? ..but at just 5ft 4inches height, she was as tall as she was wide. .. She obviously didn't hear Coco Chanel saying, famously "before you leave the house, remove one thing!" She resembled Queen Elizabeth 1 of England!!! Then she saw a silver gown,( all pearls and bling) for me, no way I would ever wear it. So not my Colour, which she obviously knew. And I would have had to pay £900,for it, plus we needed to purchase a new suit, etc, for my husband, and our son's, 2 and 6,who were pageboys, also needed their outfits. . I said no, we fell out..... In a small boutique, I saw a beautiful Cerise bridesmaid gown, only had just the 1 in the shop. Cerise wasn't an "in style Colour" at that time, , just one she'd always dreamt of, so I wanted to please her with this, if I could. It fitted perfectly, and the Colour was perfect on me. It was silk, had an, underskirt to hold it out, but not too much. Simple, fairly high sweetheart neckline, with the extra surprise of a low, but tasteful back!!!! It was perfect and I felt elegant, yet, rare for me, sexy. I rang her and said I'd found the cerise Colour she'd always wanted, and was buying it, (or not being her matron of honour, cos I couldn't afford the honour lol.) And she sulked., but agreed. On the day, she and mum said I looked fat, just to upset me, as I'd, in earlier years, had an eating disorder. I felt terrible in Church... Oh the terrible walk down that aisle. Yet, all day everyone, including strangers to me, kept complementing me on how lovely I looked. I don't advocate sunbeds, as a nurse. But because of the low back I'd had a 3 week/twice weekly course, to give me an even glow, and not have a white back, I had a lovely glow light tan, and the dress Colour was perfect on me. So I did stand out, but I felt fabulous (before the fat comments) . And it was a size 12 UK, so after 2 children I was hardly fat!!! I still felt terrible all day, after those comments, though, feeling huge. It also triggered my anorexia, then a few weeks later I saw the wedding photographs and was stunned. I really did look lovely, even beautiful at that wedding. So I learned a lesson that may help others. Don't let others judge you or drag you down. Be yourself and follow your heart, it will lead you well. Listen only to those who truly love and edify you. In my case, my husband, who said I looked as stunning as on our wedding day. And 2 cousins, bless them, who said amongst the sea of white, I lit the Church up. That I'd been a beautiful bride, but surpassed even that day, they said "wow, that dresses back, you've never looked more lovely." And my baby boys, "mummy you're so pretty", bless them. And I was obsessed that everyone was possessed with unseen fat spilling out of my low back, and my fat bum!!!!! I kept the dress as a lesson to me. "to thine own self, be true".

    Jacqueline HattersleyJacqueline Hattersley6 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • As a child, I loved to draw wedding dresses on models. Eventually, I realized they were all the same in style. Vintage, high neck, beautiful floral lace, with leg of mutton sleeves, and a lace train. When I was getting married in 1990.,i went shopping for dishes etc, for my new home with my mum. We saw a Designer SALE, in a Wedding dress shop. ,I can't remember the designer. Just one rail was in the sale, and. my eyes saw it instantly... A Victorian style, high neck dress, with stunning flowered lace, and an amazing train, the like of which I'd never seen before. Not too long, but a beautiful, fixed satin bow at the base of the spine, lead into a work of art. And the most beautiful leg of mutton sleeves. Satin on top to the elbow, lovely but not ridiculously huge, and lace to the hands. It was my dream dress since I was 5 years old! ! I tried it on, and it fitted perfectly. I felt it was made for me. I could never have paid the £5,500 PRICE. A huge price then, and even now, for me. In the sale it was £500. My mum refused to allow me to buy it, she said I should try others on, first. Maybe. But as I travelled back to her home, I knew I'd left a peace of my heart, and my dream behind. I told my dad, he instantly put his coat on, and took me straight back by train to the shop. We bought it 15 minutes before the shop closed. The owner said it was, indeed, meant for me. The shop was in Liverpool. I lived and nursed in Wales. If I'd not got it that day, I don't know when, or if, I could have got it., as I was working for 10 days in a row. I felt, and looked (according to my husband and family) beautiful at our wedding, and have never regretted not trying other pieces. It was indeed my dress . Yesterday we celebrated, albeit under lockdown, our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Looking through our photographs, I still love that dress so very much. For the first time, I showed it to our sons, (who were blown away I still had it, as we have had many house and country moves for work., and they, too, loved it.) Its still breathtaking to me, with its stunning lace work. .Sadly some small parts are yellow. Do you know how I could fix this.?? It's been stored in black tissue in a box, as recommended to me at the time. And my husband and I are lucky enough to be even more in love now, than we were then, and are blessed with 2 sons. Time just has flown by too fast., how I'd love to be able to go back to our Wedding day and relive it all again.

    Jacqueline HattersleyJacqueline Hattersley6 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I loved this recap of famous iconic dresses until you got to the meat dress- a very sickening dress.

    Beth KnightBeth Knight6 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My most memorable dress would be that dress I am used to wear evey Friday during my kinder garten classes. It is memorable, but it's gone now. I don't know where it was. It is a blue knitted dress that was made by my mother. She was used to knit clothes for me, but now she has gone away from it and focuses more on household. The othet one was a pink dress that's still in the cabinet of my uncle. I used to wear that during _fiestas_ . It comes up with a hairpin that looks like a flowing flower, but it's gone now, too.

    Tsuki's DinosaurTsuki's Dinosaur6 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Some tips in how to wash a meat dress, thanks

    Just MeJust Me6 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Several outfits from vivien leigh in Gone with the wind are iconic

    PoupoupidouPoupoupidou7 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • ..a navy blue drop waistline dresswith slim knife pleating. ..Merino wool..gorgeous! The next was a fuschia halter neck silk dress..found at a bargain... the next...a sweetheart neckline black velvet and bright blue poof bottom dress found at a dept. store in Wuerzburg... reading Vogue for years trained my eye for good finds! Looking forward to events in the future. 👗👠🎉🎉🎉

    Ronique Breaux JordanRonique Breaux Jordan7 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • There was really only one: Light mint satin (or something like satin) embroidered with daisies. I wore it in first and second grade.

    Lisa McCannLisa McCann7 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Your eyes are so charming 😍😍😍😍

    Harshita VermaHarshita Verma7 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The Channel tweed jacket. It is still going strong. Even through the high street has copied, and is everywhere, the House still produces the jacket every year to great success!

    Joan WaltersJoan Walters7 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Forget that stupid meat “dress” Take JLo dress, Marilyn Monroe Pink dress (DUH), and The Julia Roberts polka dot Pretty Woman!

    Qonita BadegesTMQonita BadegesTM7 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I think Jennifer Lopez’s green dress by Versace was iconic too!! I had a peasant dress in college that looked like a German barmaids dress-only long. I felt like a million bucks every time I wore that dress and I got lots of male attention because it was sexy and innocent at the same time!

    Diane ThompsonDiane Thompson8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • What about JLo's green Versace dress at Grammys??? I was expecting it to be on list.

    dhanshri longadgedhanshri longadge8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The channel suit...was all over..where is it?....not that I liked or owned one but Jackie O did. Was on the cover of every magazine for years.

    Marjorie JohnsonMarjorie Johnson8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The most special dress I have worn was for my secondary school prom. It was black, of course, which was long and reached the middle of my foot in heels, had a V cut out and a very nice soft material. But what was special about it was that the back was all lace in ecru. It was the most simple out of all the dresses but the most special in my opinion, due to its simplicity. Plus I was 180 cm with the heels so there was no need for a flashy dress at all, to be noticed.

    Rumi LillaRumi Lilla8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I am thinking you didn't add jennifer Lopez. Her Versace most iconic dress was my wedding was made of silk. It is still beautiful And so is my marriage after 33 years.

    Sarah LeachSarah Leach8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I have my aunt's, pencil dress, with button up top. Love it.

    Patience SeothaengPatience Seothaeng8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Channel little black dress, neither a lot strand of pearls and chains.

    Mari RodriguezMari Rodriguez8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My iconic dress is a terracotta orange coloured, made out of silk and in midi length. A-line and with a v neck at the front and the back. I love it so much, in any combination and at any time of the year. Wearing this dress I feel strong and soft and beautiful and feminin at the same time, it's like a armor to me.

    Dotta JoDotta Jo8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I have a viscose combination with the back background and small whitish pattern. It is so comfortable that since then, I feel a click in my head each time I see a cloth in similar colors. This coloring is among ones that suit me the most, I think

    Daryna IvaskevychDaryna Ivaskevych8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Most "iconic" thing I've worn? Well, probably, the faux-leather bell bottom pants with the white-jabot blouse, around 1970. I looked like the Vampire Lestat. Or, more time-appropriate, David Bowie. As for dresses--remember the paper dresses from the same era? They were so fragile that wearing them in public was asking for a wardrobe malfunction.

    John DoeJohn Doe8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • “It’s has to be black. Of course!” she said, very Frenchly lol

    Kathy SavageKathy Savage8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • What about Madonna's Gaultier Corsage? Was also iconic. And Jacky O.'s style.

    Natalie HaeusgenNatalie Haeusgen8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My iconic dress was a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, around 25 years ago. A knit wrap dress in cream with caramel-coloured giraffe print. It was a show-stopper, yet had an insouciant feminity. It worked well on my average hourglass with slightly wider shoulders. It was so very comfortable and went everywhere, it was not try-to-hard yet caused more than one person to walk into a lamp post.

    Sue MontgomerySue Montgomery8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Queen Victoria's wedding dress was special.

    Kat StephensKat Stephens8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • It will be cool if you do a similar video about iconic makeup looks, like marilyn monroe's red lips, sophis loren's smokey eye and another signature makeups from Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor,

    Jessica MartínezJessica Martínez8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • First, your presentation is on point. To answer your question, the black dress worn by Diana has to make the cut in my opinion.

    Bee MounirBee Mounir8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • You should have included Gianni Versace's safety pin dress that Elizabeth Hurley wore during the nineties when she was dating Hugh Grant.

    IworkwithnitwitsIworkwithnitwits8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My wedding dress, from October of 2012

    Tami EwertTami Ewert8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Concerning Diana's "revenge dress," I remember that on that morning a picture of Camilla Parker Bowles appeared on the front page of a tabloid and she was wearing a choker necklace. When Diana stepped out of her limo, the first thing you saw was a very similar choker worn on a much younger, firmer, and more beautiful woman. Then you saw her dress, and her confident stride as she was greeted.

    Susan DSusan D8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I had so many beautiful dresses made by my mother, but one that stands out in my mind is my beautiful navy blue prom dress when I was 16 years old. It was perfect. I still have it.

    Dana CardonDana Cardon9 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • OMG! You're soo pretty🌼💛

    Gigi HaydenGigi Hayden9 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I love Chanel Designs. My favorites iconic dresses are Breadfast at Tiffany's Black gown wore by Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana Short Black Revenge Dress. My best dress was a halter purple Jersey long gown I wore in a formal party. Everyone was looking at me and talking about my dress. I felt like a princess. I am a plus size senior lady and I wear mostly maxi dresses monochromatic color or small graphics in them and I have a couple of wrap ones but mostly in Jersey. They are easy to care for and they fit me right. I have a neutral overtone skin so I can wear almost any color.

    Maxula PrettoMaxula Pretto9 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I didn’t wear it but I had my bridesmaids in elegant black dresses in 1992 Melbourne where there had to be colour and everything matched .... yuck No one knew til the day when they did find out an hour before the wedding, there was an uproar some were so angry they weren’t going to come , others wanted to see me fall on my face . Until my girls walked down the isle all their opinions switched , because the girls did look very elegant . After that I was copied .

    Natasha JohnsonNatasha Johnson9 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Hi Justine, the most different dress I have ever have was yellow with big white circles silk material from fitting length to my knees V neck. Wear with Audrey Hepburn style hot, they call a bottom hot I was Walking my daughter to school in northern part of Mexico! People looking. It was very different for that part of the country. Another ocattionon the 60's, I dye my hair platinum & I have my smistress made me an eyelet yellow material two piece dress with a white collar, and she made a beautiful dress same material for my daughters birthday . My natural hair was light ash brown! That was a very very different look. My smistress use to costumed anything that was in style she made a orange wool suit Audrey Hepburn style. I really enjoyed all your videos. I am not buying suvenirs anymore . A big hug Ester from California

    Ester GarnerEster Garner10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I bought a floor length dress in Scotland. It was tube style, strapless, and fully sequined with iridescent sequins. I wore it to a USMC birthday ball. Smashing!

    txnygirltxnygirl10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • You forgot to give mention to The Addams Family’s, Morticia Addams black dress. It’s pretty iconic. I didn’t read all 1200 hundred comments so I don’t know if anyone else noticed. Thanks for your channel, I appreciate it.

    I Voted -I Voted -10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Tell me what lipstick you're wearing!!! I love it. My own statement dress: a red linen-like Jackie O. style one I wore some months before I got married. My fiancé never forgot it!

    TriviRocksTriviRocks10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My dress would be the paper dress from the early 70’s. It didn’t last long but was definitely memorable.

    Jan ErvinJan Ervin10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The Wrap Dress is my favorite! I have one and it works every time even though it’s over 10 years old! I love it’s feminine look on every woman’s body type

    LA KrupnickLA Krupnick10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Hey Justine. i was expecting u to talk about Kate Winslet's dress in Titanic. I want to know your opinion regarding this dress.

    Hafsa BougroumHafsa Bougroum10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Lady Caca sucks and her meat dress is an abomination

    Nadya LasruhguNadya Lasruhgu11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • See how black really does wipe out everything else.

    Anyra RahmanAnyra Rahman11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I have a dress that looks almost exactly like Diana's revenge dress... except I got it from a thrift store for 15 bucks 🤗♥️

    EviebatEviebat11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The only other dress I’d add is older than 100 years, and that’s Queen Victoria’s wedding dress. Because she changed what we thought of wedding dresses entirely. She was the one who introduced the white wedding gown. Previously, it was just your best dress, whatever that happened to be. But now, it’s a massive deal, usually in some shade of white or near to it, and it’s something that you buy specifically for that occasion, and keep as a keepsake. As for the ones mentioned, I have a great respect for Gaga’s political statement, if I’m not fond of the idea of wearing meat. (Though it’s also really no different morality wise than wearing fur or leather). I bet there were plenty of people wearing leather that night that got absolutely no attention from PeTA. My favourite dress of these would be the Givenchy BaT dress, even though style wise I tend to lean more toward 40s and 50s (I just can’t wear halters due to big bust and neck/back problems, so it’s probably jealousy that I didn’t pick the 7YI dress). But the Givenchy is timeless, I adore the boat neckline with the interesting back, and classic black is classic for a reason.

    NeartmhorNeartmhor11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Late to the party, but during your video, I kept expecting to see Dior's New Look dresses. Also, Elizabeth Taylor's slip in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof came to mind.

    Felicia BetheaFelicia Bethea11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My most iconic dress is a purple one from Juliette et Justine and I feel like it's me whenever I wear it and I've worn it on several milestones and on top of that it was a bargain and has a unique cut on the bodice for its style

    Von RitzenhoffVon Ritzenhoff11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • My most iconic dress was my prom dress. It was a shiny bright red strapless ballgown and had rhinestone details near the pockets. I wore no jewelry with it that night because the dress spoke for itself and I felt amazing in it.

    Yvonne LYvonne L11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Doris Day's dresses in many of her films were just stunning. They looked simple, but always had some finer detail; whether embroidery, pleating, or colour. She also had the best female figure in Hollywood.

    DaisyDaisy11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I once wore a pantsuit black and white a friend John dellaria cut my hair very chic I was told I looked like a vogue model I wore this to the opera in the day when pantsuit and pant in general for women was no no. In fact mon Pere disallowed pants . I was quite a fashionista in my youth. I even was invited on a date with a man who became a very famous musician in Paris once on a trip there. The outfit was a long over short one hard to describe it was my own creation ! I still love a food fitting sheath dress . My favorite dress was a handkerchief Lamont green silk gorgeous

    LorraineCecile BenoitLorraineCecile Benoit11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • This was so interesting.

    LorraineCecile BenoitLorraineCecile Benoit11 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Billy Porter's tuxedo gown at 2019 met gala

    Anastasiya MindyukAnastasiya Mindyukਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Alexander Mcqueen the paint dress!!

    Yuetong LiYuetong Liਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • First, thanks for another insightful video! One question, how come the Versace dress worn by JLO was not on ur list? (as we see it so much in media recently...) and to answer your question, my most iconic dress in my life was the most expensive dress that I've ever bought! I bought it from a designer called Olars Ulla. Its violet with a design that I adore! So why it was iconic? as a curvy women I was never able to wear "well designed" dresses that fit me well and also fit my style! (inside and out!) So it became my most iconic dress!

    Anahita ShahmsavariAnahita Shahmsavariਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I enjoy your videos and your humour ! Also your topics are very interesting and informative; it’s a pleasure listening to you, you’re really great!

    Veronique HomerVeronique Homerਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The empire dress in the sixtys. My dress was lime green. Loved it

    Maureen HannivanMaureen Hannivanਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ