29 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2020
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If we made a list of things Indian girls have to go through, there would be no end..
But here, let me try to show some more!
Share your girls-only experience in the comments section below!
This video is solely dedicated to my female fans out there, my cuties!
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Conceptualized by Swara
Enacted by:
Sagar Jha
Akshay Chauhan
Vishal Sharma
Ruchi Yadav
Neeti Pundhir
Suraj Dubey
Assistance in Direction by Syed Ayaan Mehmood
D.O.P. Nitin Goyal Cam
Edit by Sarfaraz Zuber
Special Mentions to Yashraj Mukhate for his funny creations, some of which I used behind my Titles.

  • Hi Everyone! Hope you liked the video.. what's your girls-only experience that wasn't mentioned in the video? Comment down below!

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