WE TESTED VIRAL Tik Tok HACKS TO SEE IF THEY WORK | 23 Ideas And Tricks You Should Know

6 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2021
6 008 832 ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼

The internet has an abundance of lifehacks readily available for anyone seeking to make life easier. You can find some of the craziest ones on TikTok, and I wanted to give some of them a try. Let’s see if they work as well as they claim to! The DIY UV light is made taping red and blue tape over your phone’s camera. Supposedly, it makes all the stains and filth apparent and… it worked!

I also tested the temporary tattoo removal trick using tape, and as surprising as it was, it also worked! Testing the soda bottle trick was a bit trickier, but it was fun to be able to have a refreshing drink even with no bottle opener around. A party trick for the book, for sure! I didn’t believe the egg in a bottle one was possible, so I was eager to see the results. Do you think it worked?

As an art loved, I was looking forward to the abstract painting trick and I was pleasantly surprised! I also tried using lipstick as concealer, and it turns out it’s legit! Check out the rest of the hacks to see if they worked or not!


0:47 - DIY UV light

2:11 - Removing temporary tattoos

4:27 - Opening a soda bottle trick

5:32 - Egg in a bottle trick

7:42 - Abstract painting

9:02 - Lipstick as concealer

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