West England

20 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2017
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#rickstevesengland Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/video/tv-show. The quintessence of charming England is the “West Country”: quaint Cotswold villages with their fine churches, manor homes, and gastropubs; Wells, England’s smallest cathedral town; and the New Age capital of Glastonbury, with its legends of the Holy Grail and King Arthur. We'll finish by pondering the dramatic prehistoric stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury.
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  • How lovely! Would have loved to visit if not for the current BS going on everywhere.

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  • I' am very stress with my current workload today, but when I stood upon this video- i found peace in watching this - England is one of my travel goals. Its indeed very charming country :)

    Sarmie AspeSarmie Aspe22 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • England is so beautiful, breathtaking... I can't wait to visit it again, once the restrictions allow it. p.s. new small channel here doing travel related couple vlogs :)

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  • I always wanted to hereee. Hopefully, I will be able to achieve my dream. I'm from the Philippines

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  • A beautiful documentary, I feel like I’m in there. I’ll add this enchanting place to my bucket list of destination. Thanks so much. 🙏🏻❤️💐👼🏻

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  • beautiful place. I want to visit England some day soon.

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  • This is nice reference!

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  • Amazing scenery. :)

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  • Uff England is so beautiful

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  • Looks amazing. Probably full of tories though

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  • This is what it looks in Fairytales.

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  • Uncle Rick plz take me with you wherever you go ......i love to be with you ...... waiting for your reply 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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  • So so beautiful ❤️

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  • Great .... :)

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  • Waoooo beautiful,, salam 👏👏 im from Indonesia but on working in Taiwan

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  • My Earp family is from Somerset, can’t think, maybe Stratton Upon Avon.

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  • if i were him i won't even dare to touch a 1771 letter with bare hands i'll use gloves

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  • Wow no less then a proper BBC documentary Brill work matey x

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  • I want to live there 😍

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  • I wish one day I can visit England.

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  • I love England!

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  • Wow amazing!

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  • After 3 years I have it on recommendation.....great 😊😊🙈

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  • Greetings from Ethiopia! This is exactly where mankind shall live. Nature, tradition and culture preserved for generations. If one look this video very well, it is easy to understood there are a lot to show for the world and create decent income for the locals. Thank you for sharing this magnificent video sir!

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  • Hope I could visit this place someday

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  • Too bad the phychopathic elites have destroyed this area, no more restaurants, no more walking

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  • Very beautiful ベリグ! That's great 💕💕😃🇯🇵

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  • when...when is the day i could visit such place??maybe only in this video or not even in my dreams...

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    • Who knows what will happen after one minute? You may just get a call from the Queen to visit her countryside. No one knows what will happen in the future.

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  • very nice places

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  • Amazing !! This is magic

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  • Congratulations Mr. Rick Steves for 10 Million views for this video. This makes it most viewed video of channel.

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  • Wow, great show, I'm glad I accidently found it. Subscribed. And West England is absolutely beautiful, of course :)

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  • Hello, I ask for humanitarian help. This is my father. You will understand this. Video. Use an interpreter. It is in Arabic. Thank you. Help her. We are dying every day in this life.

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  • Love Great Britain. Lived in Birmingham for a couple of years between 2007-2009. Visited a lot of beautiful places & created beautiful memories. Lake District is mesmerising. Such a lovely country. God bless. Love from India.

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  • Beautiful!!!

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  • A car is passing in the street, that’s weird 🧐

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  • Wow!! such a beautiful and peaceful place.

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  • Thanks

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  • England so beautiful, great from indonesia

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  • Stonehenge is as mesmerizing as anything I have ever seen. It is a place you need to experience.

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  • The problem in Britain is that there are a lot of bisexual people

    منير مهديمنير مهدي9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • @doggo Because I was subjected to so much harassment from them in bars that I once felt that I was trapped in this category and this left a bad impression on me even though I like to walk in the old authentic English neighborhoods

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    • Lol why is that a problem

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  • Such a marvelously informative and upbeat program. Extremely valuable, now more than ever. Thank you, Rick Steves.

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  • It’s a beautiful country, i wish i will come one day🥰

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  • Europe is my Dream country to visit someday

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  • Rick pls come to India..

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  • never really thought of england as a vacation spot, but seeing this i've become intrigued. greetings from Denmark.

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  • People think malls, apartments are the way to go. But actually places like this countrysides are the home of peace.

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  • I love you program already I saw you lot of program. If I get chance then I will visit some place . Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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  • I love hard cider. I would just lay around drunk all the time in Western England.

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  • Seek and you will find AMEN.

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  • 17:58-18:17 "Joseph could have sat right here with the chalice that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, in his satchel..." Lol. Yes, Rick, and Thor could have _also_ sat right there, with his magical hammer and his brother, Loki. Now let's get back to reality and leave the fairy tales for children and the weak-minded.

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  • Hey if you are reading this let me tell you you're not alone, we are together in this, stay strong and you'll see that once the pandemic ceased we will be able to travel again, stay strong! 😊✌

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    • AMEN.

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  • It won't look so pretty in your eyes after the chavs find you... believe me.

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    • Yeah not many chavs here though, not exciting enough...

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  • No 1 Robbers in the World. They steel the Wealth from all over the world

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  • Завораживающая красота природы. Кусочек рая на земле. Спасибо за этот ролик

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